Detailing & Paint Protection

We offer numerous different detailing & paint protection services while your vehicle is in storage. There is no better time to let a professional hand wash, clean and wax your investment. When it's time take your vehicle out of storage you'll know it was detailed inside and out and ready for the road.

Detailing Option 1

  • Eco / Quick Wash & Spray Detail Wax
  • Includes vacuum inside, cleaning windows, outside surfaces along with cleaning wheels.
  • $95.00

    Detailing Option 2

  • Eco Gold Detail / wax / wash
  • Includes outside surface of cars, protectant for inside car compartment, windows, vacuum, polish wheels, wheel protector added.
  • $199.00

    Detailing Option 3

  • Eco Hand Wax Detail
  • Includes all of the above in Option One and Two. Plus wax all inside doors, clean engine surfaces and trunk opening with the Ultimate wax.
  • $299.00

    Detailing Option 4

  • Eco Ultimate Protection Plan
  • 5 Year Warranty includes Wash/Clay-Bar, Hand Rubbed Polymer Finish.
  • Exotic Dealers charge $850 to $100 for the same product!
  • $500.00

    Detailing Option 5

  • Ceramic Coating contains SiO2 silica protection that puts a measurable layer of very durable protection over the clear coat or single stage paint on your vehicle.
  • The ultimate step to allow easier cleaning at every wash. Ceramic Coating is different from wax and we'd be happy to explain it to you.
  • Call for Pricing